Monday, December 12, 2005

Filing Day

It will be lots of fun to see the filings that come in both at Waukegan and Springfield.

Local seats up in Lake County include: county clerk, regional superintendent of schools, sheriff, treasurer, 16 (of 23) Lake County Board seats, precinct committeemen and North Shore Sanitary Districts 1 and 4.

Nearly live posting from Springfield can be viewed here. Waukegan filings now included too. Incumbents in Bold.

So far:
- 8th Congressional - Bob Churchill (R), David McSweeney (R), Teresa Bartels (R), Ken Arnold (R) , Aaron Lincoln (R), Kathy Salvi (R) , Melissa Bean (D)
- 10th Congressional - Mark Kirk (R), Daniel Seals (D), Zane Smith (D)

- 19th Circuit - A - John Phillips (R)
- 19th Circuit - B - Valerie Ceckowski (R), Wallace Dunn (R)
- 19th Circuit - C - George Bridges (R), Theodore Potkonjak (R)

- 30th State Senate - Terry Link (D)
- 31st State Senate - Adeline Geo-Karis (R), Suzanne Simpson (R)

- 51st State Representative - Ed Sullivan, Jr. (R), Amanda Howland (D)
- 52nd State Representative - Mark Beaubian, Jr. (R), Denny Driscoll (R)
- 53rd State Representative - Sidney Mathias (R), Michael McDonald (D), Scott Bludorn (R)
- 58th State Representative - Karen May (D)
- 59th State Representative - Kathy Ryg (D)
- 60th State Representative - Eddie Washington (D)
- 61st State Representative - JoAnn Osmond (R), David Dziki (R)
- 62nd State Representative - Barbara Oilschlager (R), Sharyn Elman (D), Sandy Cole (R)

- County Clerk - Willard Helander (R)
- Treasurer - Bob Skidmore (R)
- Sheriff - Gary Del Re (R)
- Supt. of Schools - Roycealee Wood (R)

Lake County Board
- District 2 - Diane Hewitt (D), Brandon Rohrdanz (D), Randall Whitmore (R)
- District 3 - Suzi Schmidt (R)
- District 4 - Jack Senter, Jr. (R), Brent Paxton (R)
- District 7 - Kurt Anderson (D) , Steve Carlson (R)
- District 8 - Bill Durkin (D)
- District 9 - Mary Ross Cunningham (D)
- District 12 - Angelo Kyle (D)
- District 13 - Susan Loving Gravenhorst (R), Scott Helton (R), Carrie Travers (D)
- District 15 - Carol Calabresa (R) , Delfino Parra (D)
- District 17 - Stevenson Mountsier (R)
- District 18 - John Sonnenberg (D), Pam Newton (R)
- District 19 - Michael Talbett (R)
- District 20 - Marc Tepper (D), David Stolman (R)
- District 21 - Ann Maine (R)
- District 22 - Carol Spieman (D), Arnie Silberman (D)
- District 23 - Anne Bassi (D)

Kathy Salvi as Lt. Governor?

Here's an interesting story from the Tribune today. Oberweis has asked Salvi to run as his LG candidate. She apparently is seriously considering it...I tend to think that she must think that there is a lack of momentum in her Congressional candidacy.

Update: Salvi has decided not to run with Oberweis as LG.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

8th Congressional Race

Lots has happened since summer in the 8th Congressional Race. Which Republican now has the upper hand in the primary? Who is the best to go head to head with Rep. Melissa Bean?

List of Candidates:
David McSweeney
Teresa Bartels
Bob Churchill
Kathy Salvi
Ken Arnold
Aaron Lincoln

Locations of Political Bloggers

I put together this map to help us search for Illinois political bloggers based on geographic location and to help us put their opinions in context to their neighborhoods or regions. Many more blogs to be added soon.

Hiatus is Over - Tis the Season for Campaigning

After a long break, I am back to engage in some intelligent debate about Lake County Politics.